Jordan BankheadThe Indoor Advantage was founded in July 2009 and in the fall of 2012 Oxford entrepreneur, Jordan Bankhead, acquired the company.

Jordan moved to Oxford in 2002 after attending UCLA for his undergraduate studies and the University of California, Berkeley where he earned his law degree. Shortly after his relocation to Oxford, he earned his PHD in political science from The University of Mississippi.

Bankhead BabyAfter meeting his wife, Natasha, Jordan put down permanent roots in Oxford. He is now a successful lawyer, business owner, and entrepreneur in the community. Natasha and Jordan welcomed their son James into their family in March of 2012 and Amilia in November 2015.

Jordan FamilyThe Indoor ADvantage enjoys close ties to the community and the University of Mississippi. Lucas Singh joined the team as Director of Marketing and Sales in May 2015. Lucas Singh graduated from University of Mississippi in 1993 with a degree in Banking and Finance. He also holds a degree in Accounting from the London School of Accountancy in England. During his time in Oxford he made a name for himself by successfully managing local businesses and restaurants. Now with nearly 20+ years of business and entrepreneurship experience, he returns to Memphis to support the community and its surrounding areas as a business consultant. Lucas is noted for his business acumen , financial honesty and dedication to his business partners and clients.

Lucas Singh originally founded Lucas Distribution & Consulting Inc. in September 2010. Through his experience and expertise he is able to successfully grow companies with optimal results and increased productivity.

We provide tremendous value for our client's marketing dollars by utilizing high definition full color advertisements placed in locations that attract and hold the attention of their target audience. These strategic placements provide repeat viewings while also minimizing the cost per potential customer.


Each frame has 4 Ad's and adheres to 12 months contract. Ad size options and pricing are as follows:

SL. Size Cost
1 8 x 10 $30.00 per Ad per month
2 16.5 x 10 $60.00 per Ad per month
3 17 x 20 poster size $120.00 per Ad per month

Recent Press:

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